Mindanao Mission

At the end of December we partner with Reaching Hands Tribal Mission and take a team of youth and adults from Hands of Hope Ministries.

Our purpose is to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the remote places of Mindanao. This is an outreach we look forward to every year.

We climb mountains, cross flooded rivers, sleep on concrete floors as we visit 7-8 locations. In each area kids are showered with God’s love through worship, prayer, biblical teaching and receiving small, but practical, gifts. These gifts range from school stationary and bags to lunch boxes and drink bottles. Of course we always find some place to add some delicious sweets. 

During the kids services a team of wonderful cooks are preparing a meal for both adults and children which sometimes includes the local delicacies.

At the end of the day or early evening we have a revival service where, it’s just like double wow, tears flow, people shout in praise and others laugh with joy, as the Holy Spirit moves and brings about a revelation of God’s Kingdom. It’s a joy to witness. Please click here to view a few photos.

Team members are required to raise their own support for airfares and other ministry related costs. Though, of most occasions, we do supplement their costs. If you would like to donate towards this mission then please click here